Friday, April 17, 2015

inspiration essay

            When you hear the word “inspiration” whom do you think of? What do you think of? I think of my Dad because he is hard working and he is a good dad. My Dad’s name is Jose Romero. In this essay I will talk about him and how he inspires me to do great things in my life.
            My dad went to school for seven years. For the first three years he went in the morning and in four through sixth grade he went in the afternoon. In seventh grade he went only in the morning. If he had spare time he would watch Dragon Ball and all the seasons and episodes. My dad loves baseball and in school and out of school he would play baseball. With a team of friends or he went to practice. My dad didn’t have to time to watch cartoons he would work with his dad in the fields all day long until supper. Would you be able to do that for long hours with the sun above you with no clouds?
My dad has been to four places for work. In New York, he worked in a car wash. In Huston he worked on construction and made houses or large buildings that must have been hard work for hours. The last place he has known is Louisiana .In O’Neill Nebraska he works at Herd Co and still works there today. He has worked there for nine years.
When you hear about hard work, do you think of a person in an office for three or four hours long? I think of my dad working 55 to 60 hours a week that a lot compared to three or four hours. He works 21,900 hours a year. He works every day and only gets one day a week or sometimes one day off in two weeks. My dad feeds the cow the food that they need. And though he works long, hours he likes to drive big semi trucks around to get where he needs to be.

            How doe he inspires me? He inspires me because he has done so many great things. The greatest thing in my opinion is that he can speak a little English and he boosted my confidence so I would speak English like every other student in our school. He is a good role model to look up to for me and for many other people.

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