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What do you think of when you hear the word Mexico? I think of food, Aztec pyramids and finally of the sports of Mexico. That what I’m going to tell you in my essay. This will be interesting and I hope you enjoy.

Mexican food to me is really good. In the United States there are more than 38,000 Mexican restaurants around the united states, according to ABC news in American. That shows that people in America really like Mexican food. My favorite Mexicans foods are enchiladas, tamales and burritos. Enchiladas are a corn tortilla dipped into a sauce with cheese inside of it.
You could have more cheeses out side the tortilla if you really like cheese. Burritos are meat and beans inside a flour tortilla but you can put sour cream lettuce chicken cheese and all sort of stuff in it. Now tamales are made from pork, which is covered in masa. Covered by a leaf wrapper, which is steamed or boiled. Before you eat one you have to take off the leaf wrapper then you eat up. Along with food one famous beverage is coca cola in Mexico it made with cane sugar. In the United States it is made with corn syrup. If you try Mexican coca cola you can taste the difference.

One of the amazing attractions in Mexico is the Aztec pyramid. They are found in Mexico and are a great tourist attraction. It took the Aztecs 55 years to build the pyramids. Here’s a little history about the Aztecs I’ll make this short and easy to understand. The Aztecs ruled a powerful empire from 1300 A.D to about 1500 A.D. They were and Indian group, they were very religious, they scarified someone for their god or gods. They were one of the people in the early time that created a calendar and they had the sunstone, which represented the universe in their eye. The Spaniards came to Mexico and fought them. Under Spanish rule Mexico City rose from the ruins of Teotihuacán Mexico.

Sports in Mexico are soccer, baseball and bull fighting. In Mexico bull fighting is a common sport. A person comes into a ring and they let the bull out. When the bull sees the red flag or red cape they charge right at it. You make the bull dodge. When the bull is tired the matador goes behind the neck and stabs a sword right through it. In America they call futbol soccer and in other countries soccer is called futbol. In 2011 Mexico went up against America for the world cup. Mexico had 4 and America had 2 points and Mexico won which to me was pretty awesome.

            In conclusion I encourage you to go to Mexico and vist the pyramids and try some new foods. You could see some bullfighting or just see a futobol (I mean) soccer game.  I hope you can all vist Mexico some time during you life and enjoy all of its beauty.

Book: Ancient civilization of the Aztecs and Maya
Encyclopedia: is the Aztecs Author is Carrasco David

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