Friday, February 20, 2015

Why do yo need college? 
I bet everybody wants a job, and you need a job to live. You need money in life so you can buy your needs and pay bills. You don’t just want to sit on the couch and lay there thinking what college would be and getting a job that i would like. A job is very Important. It gets you through life.

College goals
When I am in college my goals will be to get good grades. Awesome grades count for everything. The person that will hire you will look at what you good in and your grades to see if you did good in the class and understand what do when there person who hires you do to something. Lets say you went to college and you get your diploma. When some one hires you and your like what I don't know how to do that. That means you weren’t paying attention during class but you listen some time. Then the person who hires you will say I’m sorry you just don't have it and then you will have to find a job somewhere else. Get good grades and pay attention during class that will count for a lot in college.

Education will help me during reach my goals.
  “Yes it will.” You been going to school for 12 years and I bet you have learned a lot the. In college you try to figure out a problem and you remember how to do it because the teachers went over this. Math english science will help you during college because it will get you through problem that you know and how to get good grades.

People who inspire you 
I bet you that your mom or dad or friend teacher tried to help out on a topic you like when you get in college. If you like this subject than go for it. Unless you mom says no because it could be too long or it could cost a lot of money. Your mom or dad a least tried you tell you a topic that you would like in college and that’s a hard choice because you could change your mind every weeks or so.

You should go to college and get a job to help you live you life. Before you get a job you have to go to college and if you don’t go you will probably won’t get a job or a good paying job. If i were you go to college you won’t regret it because you need to learn new things to be a smart person in life and get a job.