Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My name poem

My name is Jesus
It means awesome, cool, and God
it is the number 5
it is like aqua
it is when we watch tv together
It is the memory of mom and dad
who taught me hard work and honesty
when s/he told me not to lie and tell the truth
MY name is Jesus
It means I believe what I want to believe

Mexico is awesome!
Eagle eating a snake on a cactus is the Mexican flag
Xponental people Mexico
In control of farming
Candy is good in Mexico
Oceans boarder Mexico

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In the movie blind sight. There six students how were blind. The climb a part of mount Everest. They reached 23,000 ft but not the top. That was big accomplishing to a blind person because they can’t see.
Sonam Bhumtso, after graduation from high school, her ambitions are to go to university and become a writer of Tibet History. This would make her the first blind university student ever from Tibet.
Gyenshen now reads, writes, and specks In Tibetan, Chinese, and English. He won a scholarship to study computers in Malaysia and Japan. He is teaching computers and math at he Braille without boarder’s school in Lhasa. He is also the only Braille publisher in Tibet.
Tenzin joined Tashi in medical massage and physiotherapy training program. Together they are running the biggest massage clinic in Lhasa.
Tashi and Tenzi have set up their medical massage clinic and business is booming.
            Kylia won a scholarship to the United Kingdom to study English for a year and is now fluent in the language. She has returned to Lhasa and is running the Braille without boarder’s school.
            Dachung won a scholarship to study massage and computers in Beijing. He has returned to Lhasa to continue his studies at Braille without boarders farm in Shigatse. He plans to work at the medical massage clinic run by Tashi and Tenzi now in Lhasa. His ambitions are to create his own business, make lot’s of money and help other blind children just like himself to overcome the challenges of being blind.
            All these students were blind but they accomplished what they wanted. They did it even if they were blind. Blind people can do the same as a person who can see.

Friday, November 14, 2014

What do you think of when you here the word freedom. I think of parades, and fireworks celebrating veterans. Veterans save lives and people. Think of all the soldiers who saved lives. The flag, Examples of freedom and ways to celebrate freedom, all of these deals with veterans.
               Examples of freedom are religious and bare of arms and final is speech. Religious freedom is you could be Catholic or in any other religious church it doesn’t matter. The right to bare arms is a freedom so you could have guns in your house so you could go hunting or protecting yourself. And finally the freedom of speech, it gives you the right to have a different opinion on a topic.
The flag represents America. Each color on the flag represents something. The red is for the blood that flows through you body. White is the Innocence for each person that suffered during the War. The blue represents vigilance. Vigilance means very watchful like the president of the United States of America that watches over people all the time. The flag, freedom and ways to celebrate freedom deals with veterans.
               Ways to celebrate Veterans Day. The first thing that pops into my head is parades with lots of veterans. There could be fireworks at night to thank veterans. You could also shake all veterans hand and thank them.
              In conclusion Veterans Day is very Important to every person who is in America. The soldiers who had fought for our freedom won, so now the freedom belongs to us. This is a message to all veterans “ Thank-you for your service.”