Friday, October 31, 2014

                                                        My ghost story
Have you ever seen something you couldn’t explain? There is a legend in my school. The legend of Steve.
                  This is what Steve looks like. Steve has black hair and LeBron James shoes. T-shirt and shorts. This ghost is very tall with green eyes. Rumors have it that he is 13 yrs. old. This ghost is a strange ghost, because he, can teleport instead of just passing through walls. In every class you have to punch the air to make sure the Ghost is not there. Steve could be in your spot, Bam his at the gym Bam he’s in locker room, Bam his in the Language room. So be careful where you sit at or you’ll lead an injury.
                  There was a lockdown in school… Every student needed to be in class on the right time because if you’re late to class he’ll find you. So we got to a class. But the lockdown lasted about 12:00 at night. You had to be quite so we went to the gym were there is a lot of space to escape from the ghost
Suddenly we heard footsteps but it was just this dude that went to OHS. Then we heard it again. This time it was the ghost that screamed with a high streak, so everyone screamed and then dispersed. Some went to Mrs. Havornek and others to Mrs. Room. We got to the class you had to be a ninja or very destructive so if Steve appeared you could run or chuck a heavy book bag to the window to break it and then jump out window and run before he can get you. If he catches you lets say something terrible will happen to you. The good thing is that no one was caught yet. Everyone regrouped at the Gym and then we saw the ghost. Steve used instant transmission fancy word for teleport and no ones saw him again. But some say he is still at OHS.

Remember that is OHS things will happen that you can’t explain? So be careful and get to your classes on time and don’t be late.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts.

            We entered the great wall it was enormous. We headed into the feast room. There were great huge tables but no food on it. The ceiling wasn’t open. You could see no stars and magical creatures. We got to each of our tables. Suddenly Dumbledore snapped his fingers there was magnificent food. The ceiling was no more you could see stars that form a pictures called constellation and even dragons flying around the ceiling ,some shooting fire from there mouth. The dragons were awesome. Every dragon was a different color. Then we looked at the food to see what we liked.
The tables had chicken, pizza, tacos, and any food you could think of. There were al kinds of pop like Dr. pepper and Pepsi. You could mix some soda together and become very hyper. Finally we started eating then out of nowhere ghosts came out of the food. Some people screaming, Then the ghosts said “Don’t be afraid we are friendly not Evil.” We ate until the deserts came.

The deserts were ice cream, cakes, and fries where you could dip it in ice cream in it so good. The feast lasted for 2 hours. Then we played some games. One of the cool parties they have at Hogwarts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hickory dickory dock

The new and improved Nursery Rhymes    
Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse
sprinted  up the clock;
lonely clock struck one,
The mouse
fell down;
Hickory, dickory, dock.