Tuesday, September 30, 2014

                                           I am video in English

 Hi i'm jesus. I'm the oldest son from my mom and dad. Things Important to me is my brother's Brandon and JoseMiguel and my family  I like to do sports. I also like to play mine craft. Here's the wall that leads to my house because there is only one entrance. Watch out for skeletons and zombies. In my house i have lava that you have to jump and traps, so you can't get in. Mexican food is yummy. Like tamales, tacos ,burritos and Mexican candy. Two legends are the cupacabra and the aliens that crashed in Roswell, Mexico. For me Mexico is very Important.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I am

Three things that i learned by doing this project that l learned were... I learned how to use iMovie. I also learned how to use quicktime player. The last thing that I learned was how to add affects on my I am movie.

Monday, September 15, 2014

             Dot day is awesome. I think it brings out your inner child. Some people think they can't draw. Anyone can draw.

Friday, September 12, 2014

      New world 
English language is the hardest language of all. I wasn’t born here; I was born far, far away. My mom said, “ Tomorrow you will go to school. 
I said, “ I do want to go to school.”  I slept like a baby and then my mom woke me up. She said “it was time to go to school.
Next, my mom and dad dropped me off in school and took me to class. I wasn’t nervous. I went inside the class. The teacher told my dad what I had to do. The student’s were playing with toys. First, I played ,with Kateri. She said, “ What?”.
The strange thing is this.  “What does my first day of school have to do with my title?” Here’s the answer. I didn’t know the language so that’s why Kateri said, “What”. I wasn’t from here so there was new food and a lot of different things. Advanced stores and places were all over. I wasn’t scared to try new thing, so later in the day there was an interpreter that told me what the teacher was saying and how I had to do the work.
When I got to my apartment, I told my mom and dad about my day and told them my first word in English. It was the amazing word chocolate. This was in Kindergarten. Then my whole life changed.

I learned English by myself. That’s impossible, but I did it. I learned English throughout the school year. I am still learning new things about English grammar. This school day I started to understand two different  languages.